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Ashoro-cho > 17

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    Relaxation / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Meakan Onsen

    Hot spring which was surrounded in gentle flavor of sulfur

    Excellent hot water among virgin forests of Mashu, Akan national park. Hot spring entering after mountain climbing and trekking is particular!

    Business hours / business hours / Nonaka hot spring from 7:00 to 19:00 (only as for the day trip bath)
        Hot spring from 9:00 to 20:00 in Shukuno of mountain

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Moashoro, Ashoro-cho

    TEL Nonaka hot spring    Hot spring Tel. 0156-29-7321 out of one of accommodation of Tel. 0156-29-7454 mountain

    Hot spring Tel. 0156-29-7321 out of one of accommodation of reservation / mountain

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    Culture / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Last studio

    Town planning that was particular about "means of transportation!"

    Do you not leave your footprint in Ashoro? Last block which we adopted is laid by the sidewalk in Ashoro-cho.

    It is 00 00-16 /10 for / business hours for business hours

    Interval is all rests on Monday for the winter season in fixed closing day in /5 moon - October on / regular holiday on regular holiday

    1, Kita-1-jo, Ashoro-cho

    TEL Tel. 0156-25-7233

    Reservation /

    Until reservation required / day before

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    Activity / oar / Ashoro-cho

    neiparu ashoro

    Well, we make impressions! The making of memory

    Splendid environment where we get close to Nature, and there is experience-based activity activity in friend and families at ease

    It is 00 00-17 /9 for / business hours for business hours

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / year-end and New Year holidays others temporariness holiday existence

    3, Tokiwa, Ashoro-cho

    TEL Tel. 0156-25-6111

    It is possible for reservation / /1 year requiring reservation

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    View Point / oar / Ashoro-cho


    Mysterious lake where surface of a lake fades to five colors

    Mysterious lake which was held in bosom of a mountain of 100 famous mountains in Japan "Meakandake." People are most suitable as forest bathing course.

    Business hours / late April and mid-December (suspension of traffic between the winter season)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Moashoro, Ashoro-cho

    TEL Tel. 0156-25-6131

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Inquiry / ashoro Tourism Association Tel. 0156-25-6131

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    Bakery / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Takahashi confectionary

    Super popular shop which is loved in "takapan"

    Taste that is only here! We challenge line seeking Kakumoto bread, amanatto bread and get exquisite bread!

    It is 30 - 19:00 /10 for / business hours for business hours

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / Sunday

    1, Kita-2-jo, Ashoro-cho

    TEL Tel. 0156-25-2272

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Baking time
    Bread ① 10:30 ② 16:00

  • Culture / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Pellet stove

    Eco-friendly forest energy

    Quality of wood pellet fuel attracts attention as fuel such as stove or boiler.

    Business hours / from 9:00 to 17:00

    Regular holiday / Sundays and holidays

    Circle show Giken

    6-1-3, Nishimachi, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-3110

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • Cafe / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Woody bell

    Bite into big burger!

    Homemade bans and hand using Hokkaido wheat flour keep complaining, and they are glad of patty, plentiful vegetables! Jushi!

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 19:00

    Regular holiday / Monday

    1, Minami-2-jo, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-6101

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • Culture / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Ashoro animal fossil Museum

    We touch the eternal history and ancient romance

    We display mainly on fossil which we produced in Ashoro-cho and can enjoy experiences such as the making of replica.

    Business hours / from 9:00 to 16:30

    Next day from December 30 to January 6 on regular holiday / every Tuesday in the case of national holiday

    1, Kounan, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-9100

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • View Point / green / Ashoro-cho

    rawambuki appreciation farm

    Investigate huge lauan bukino mystery!

    Own dough of giant butterbur in Kamirawan, Ashoro-cho district. When sink under the leaf of giant butterbur of 3m in height; anyone is koropokkuru!

    Business hours / early June and late July

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Kamirawan, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-6131

    Reservation / unnecessary

    As phone number is number (NPO corporation ashoro Tourism Association) of inquiry, please be careful

  • View Point / green / Ashoro-cho

    Lotus cup garden

    "North pearl" lotus cup!

    Time when it is deluxe in lotus cup said to be effective medicine, British open garden for perpetual youth and longevity!

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 17:00 late June and late July

    Regular holiday / nothing

    758-1, Nakaya, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-3754

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Cut lotus cup; from 100g100 Japanese yen degree

  • Relaxation / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Meto hot spring

    In unexplored hot spring leisurely refreshment

    People are most suitable for forest bathing among virgin forests of ezo pine, todo pine. From open-air bath as for the figure of ezo deer.

    Business hours / day trip bath from 10:30 to 20:00

    Regular holiday / nothing

    2979, Metou, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-26-2119

    Reservation / 0156-26-2119

  • Activity / green / Ashoro-cho

    Ishida noodles sheep ranch

    We are impressed by performance of sheep dog!

    State to handle sheep with one flute of owner freely is the best part! Besides, we can enjoy wool hunting experiences.

    From ten for business hours from / sheep dog show May in October of 400 yen per person from sheepshearing experience May to 8 one a month 4,000 yen three

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Nakaya, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-6150

    Reservation / 0156-25-6150