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  • 795 060 676
    Relaxation / oar / Shibecha-cho

    House and marsh of kushiro moor park rest

    Spa hotel of the bank of lake

    Natural hot spring flowing constantly from the source in the middle of Nature. We can enjoy open-air bath.

    Business hours / check-in 15:00, check-out 10:00

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Kayanuma, Shibecha-cho

    TEL Tel. 015-487-2121

    Reservation / accommodation requires reservation

    Day trip bath possibility, barbecue, park golf

  • 462-686-032
    View Point / green / Shibecha-cho


    Cattle ranch with a view of the 360-degree horizon

    At night on day when it was fine, campground wrapped in star-filled sky and restaurant which can taste local ingredients are the adjacency.

    Business hours / conduct period /5 moon from the beginning to the end of October

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Restaurant, the stand / Greenhill multi-sum

    Kamitawa, Shibecha-cho

    TEL Tel. 015-486-2806

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Camping (pay) requires reservation
    50 contact information / Greenhill multi-sum parking lots

  • 576 870 304
    View Point / oar / Shibecha-cho

    sarubo observation deck

    We overlook wetlands such as Lake Toro

    At view spot of little-known spot built in small hill, we can observe state of seasonal moor.

    Business hours /

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Touro, Shibecha-cho


    Reservation / unnecessary

    (along Route 391 parking lot)

  • 613 443 713
    Activity / green / Shibecha-cho

    Automatic campground according to rainbow

    In base of Eastern Hokkaido tour!

    We are absorbed in camping in forest which is quiet with a choice of tent, cottage, bungalow, one.

    Business hours / conduct period /5 moon from 1st to October 31

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Automatic campground according to rainbow

    Nijibetsu, Shibecha-cho 

    TEL Tel. 015-488-2550

    Reservation / Tel. 015-488-2550

    Reservation required (we make a reservation from March 1 and accept)
    There are stand, rental article

  • 462 208 045
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shibecha-cho

    CafeMINTO (cafe mint)

    Please spend relaxed time

    It is reasonable and provides pasta or set western dishes. Surely we can be satisfied.

    Business hours / from 11:00 to 20:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    4-7-9, Asahi, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-485-2726

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 462178462*10
    Event / white / Shibecha-cho

    Moor of SL winter, welcome event (delicious thing market to discover)

    We welcome the only SL service in Hokkaido

    We run on Kushiro moor where SL C11 freezes. On the last day of the service, we hold "delicious thing market to discover" in the Shibecha station square.

    We hold the late January and late February, delicious thing City to discover on the last day of SL service in average year during / SL service period for business hours.

    Regular holiday of regular holiday / business and industry society is Saturdays, Sundays and holidays


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Please confirm SL service schedule, rate, reservation in JR Hokkaido site.
    Inquiry / Shibecha-cho tourist association 015-485-2264 (the Shibecha-cho business and industry society) of delicious thing market to discover

  • 576-841-071
    Activity / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Lakeside and hollow

    Lake Toro, Kushiro River canoe tour

    Plan, conduct of canoe tour and various outdoor experiences

    Inquiry time by business hours / call
    Summer from 9:00 to 17:00
    Winter season from 9:00 to 16:00

    Regular holiday / no fixed holiday

    Lakeside and hollow

    73, Kita-8-sen, Tourogenya, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-487-2172


    Reservation / 015-487-2172

  • 576-810-798
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Pasta and coffee purettsuemoro

    Pasta and coffee real in shop which is Woody!

    It is a 10-minute walk from terminal Toro Station of norokko. National highway 391 gosenen.

    Only lunch is open in April from January for / from 11:00 to 15:00, from 17:00 to 20:00 for business hours

    The every week third on regular holiday on / Wednesday (from January in April Tuesday and Wednesday regular holiday) or fourth extremely difficult situation consecutive holidays

    Pasta and coffee purettsuemoro

    52-9, Kita-8-sen, Tourogenya, Shibecha-cho


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 462-328-489
    Shop / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Black cattle F sea S direct sale place of starlit sky

    From the earth of starlit sky to dining table of starlit sky

    Deep taste that taste spreads through to fill the mouth whenever we savor.

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 15:30

    Regular holiday / Monday

    Black cattle F sea S of starlit sky

    Shibecha-cho flourishing endlessly

    TEL 015-485-1938


    Reservation / 015-485-1938

  • 462-177-766
    Shop / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Store specializing in Jingisukan, nozaki

    Delicious! As for this, it is taste of Hokkaido

    Please try Jingisukan which you pickled to secret sauce. Hina skewer is popular, too.

    Business hours / from 9:00 to 11:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Store specializing in Jingisukan, nozaki

    2-6, Kawakami, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-485-2777


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 462-177-704
    Cafe / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Cafe poketto

    To coffee one hand a time of rest and conversing with

    In shop, SL photograph of SL fan and our restaurant shooting is displayed. It is irregular, and live is held.

    Business hours / from 11:00 to 19:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Cafe poketto

    2-1, Kawakami, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-485-2918

    http: //3.plala.or.jp/kissa-poketto/

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 462-208 076
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Handmade hamburg SORA

    We use beef made specially in popular hometown

    We use "black cattle of starlit sky" luxuriously, and special product beef of Shibecha-cho is hamburg feeling taste such as steak.

    Business hours / from 11:00 to 14:00 from 17:00 to 20:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Handmade hamburg SORA

    4-6-1, Asahi, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-486-7887

    Reservation / unnecessary