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<reference> Shiranuka-cho government office TEL 01547-2-2171

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Shiranuka-cho > 10

  • 630 129 312*9
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Ramen yahata

    Well-established taste that continues being loved

    It is long-established store which can thoroughly enjoy noodle making start, taste of traditional ramen in 1949.

    Business hours / from 11:00 to 20:00

    Regular holiday / Wednesday

    Ramen yahata

    1, Higashi-1-jominami, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL 01547-2-2317

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 630 129 298*7
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Guizhou shop

    We thoroughly enjoy ingredients from Shiranuka widely!

    From grip of sushi to pan, bar menu, it is shop which can thoroughly enjoy local ingredients widely.

    Business hours / from 17:00 to 22:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Guizhou shop

    1, Higashi-2-jominami, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL 01547-2-2027

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 783 013 675*5
    View Point / green / Shiranuka-cho

    Shoro dam

    Nature which colored leaves color

    It is got close by the name of green lake Shoro, and dam lake is colored with beautiful colored leaves in autumn.

    Business hours /

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Shoro dam

    On Shiranuka-cho waterfall


    Reservation / unnecessary

    We establish simple restroom from May through October

  • 630129264*4
    Sweets / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Tiger sincerity

    Japanese confectionery shop representing Shiranuka in founding 66

    Please come to souvenir of Shiranuka including perilla hakunukakyokashusaku ridora grill "*koichikon" full by all means.

    Business hours / from 9:00 to 18:30

    Regular holiday / no fixed holiday

    Tiger sincerity

    2, Higashi-2-jominami, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL 01547-2-2059

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 630 188 346
    Activity / green / Shiranuka-cho

    Do not know; or pakugorufuincharo

    Park golfs with international official recognition course

    International authorized course that father, gansaneishi of pro golfer Shigeki Maruyama designed. Full-scale course including bunker and two steps of Green hard to please is course to be able to enjoy.

    Business hours / business hours /8 00-19 00 (until sunset):

    Regular holiday / nothing

    18-1, Kisen, Charo, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL 01547-9-3555

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Reservation / unnecessary (in the case of group, we confirm the pivot)
    Adult once 510 yen, coupon 5,150 yen (12 pieces of spelling), season ticket 10,300 yen
    Primary schoolchild, junior high student, elderly person (person older than residence 70 years old in the town block)
    Once 200 yen, coupon (12 pieces of spelling) 2,060 yen, season ticket 4,120 yen
    Ticket is limited to residence in the town block or Kushiro citizen in season.
    There is rental of tool, too.
    Club one + ball one + tea 200 yen
    It is 200 yen in sports shoes 1st

  • 671 838 033
    Activity / green / Shiranuka-cho

    We experience blueberry gain in surprising forest

    Crop of blueberry which is the slowest in Japan

    We harvest blueberry cultivated in forest of young people trip village surprise and can have an experience made with jam and sweets on the spot.

    Business hours / conduct period / every year from July to August

    Regular holiday / nothing

    1, Kamicharo, Shiranuka-cho Line

    TEL Tel. 01547-2-7122

    Reservation / Tel. 0152-72-0178 

    Forest of inquiry / young people trip village surprise

  • 630-264-727
    Shop / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Do not know road station; or love question

    The spot love question shore where love comes true

    The love question shore overlooking the opening Pacific is limitlessly popular among families. Special product of Shiranuka is prepared to product center love question building.

    Business hours / business hours /5 - August from 9:00 to 19:00
         Make center is 24 hours for from 9:00 to 18:30 for from September to April

    From November to every Wednesday of March on regular holiday on / regular holiday in /4 moon - October without holiday     December 31, from 1 to 2 on January

    40-3, Koitoi, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL Tel. 01547-5-3317 Fax. 01547-5-3331

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Two parking lot / normal car 103 trailer bus four people with a physical disability

  • 630 422 051
    Shop / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Cheese kobohakunukarakumegumisha

    Italian cheese using local fresh milk

    Taste that mottsurerrachizu which we made with fresh fresh milk is detected in home Italian. Please eat Italian cheese to be able to enjoy as ingredients.

    Business hours / business hours /9:00 - 17:00

    Regular holiday / no fixed holiday

    Charo, Shiranuka-cho east 1 line 116-11

    TEL Tel. 01547-2-5818 Fax. 01547-2-5819


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 630 129 234
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Restaurant Hamanasu

    Let's eat season of Shiranuka!

    Restaurant which cheese and lamb of Shiranuka, menu using local ingredients including Yezo deer meat have abundant.

    Business hours / business hours / from 11:00 p.m. to 14:30 (LO)
         From 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 (LO)

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / Wednesday (there are consecutive holidays twice a month)

    2, Higashi-2-jominami, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL Tel. 01547-2-2188

    Reservation / unnecessary

    There is reservation required parking lot in banquet, course

  • 630 332 086
    Restaurant, light meal, yakiniku, bar / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Farm Restaurant Cuore

    Farm restaurant of the sheep ranch direct management

    By the direct management of tea road noodles sheep ranch, we can enjoy cooking using various ingredients from Shiranuka in rich nature let alone mutton.

    Business hours / business hours / every year from April through December Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, day from 11:30 to 18:00 (LO17: 00)
    Friday and Saturday from 11:30 to 15:00 (LO14: 00) from 18:00 to 21:00 (LO20: 00)

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / Monday

    Charo, Shiranuka-cho Kawanishi

    TEL Tel. 01547-2-5030 (the winter season: 2-4623)

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Course sells wool goods in reservation required store.
    In the parking lot, trailer bus is impossible