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Sightseeing in Mashu, Akan national park wide area meeting

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  • 731 715 637*3
    Cafe / oar / Teshikaga-cho

    Hall (sweet do barrack cafe) of forest

    Mille-feuille cafe of feelings and thought

    Shop of homemade lunch using the center, material from hometown of bustle in front of Kawayu-Onsen Station and discerning sweets

    Business hours / from 9:30 to 18:00

    Regular holiday / second fourth Monday every Tuesday

    Hall of forest

    The Teshikaga-cho Kawatsu hot spring station square

    TEL 015-483-2906


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Interval is confirmation required in the winter season

  • 739 342 734
    Cafe / oar / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    There is not hot spring studio

    It is healed in hot spring and relaxes in cafe♪

    When we heal space, stomach and heart of healing to be able to enjoy light meal and sweets while soaking in footbath?

    It is 00 00-20 /8 at / time for business hours

    Regular holiday / no fixed holiday

    There is not hot spring studio

    1-4-29, Akanchoakankoonsen

    TEL 0154-67-2846

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Parking lot /3 stand
    Equipped with towel

  • 976 104 538
    Cafe / green / Nakashibetsu-cho

    Cafe Kaiyo die

    Noted product cafe that the earth looks round

    Both stomach that cafe Kaiyo die gathered a lot of delicious things of local Nakashibetsu-cho and heart are large satisfaction cafes.

    It is from 9:00 to 17:30 until /4 moon from the end to October 31 for / business hours for business hours
         (in October until 16:30)

    We close at / regular holiday until the /11 moon - end of April on regular holiday

    2256-16, Mataochi, Nakashibetsu-cho Kaiyou stand prospects building 1F

    TEL Tel. 0153-74-2525

    Reservation / unnecessary

    60 parking lot / passenger use, bus six
        (but, in the case of the closure, there is by interval, snowfall in the winter season)

  • 462-177-704
    Cafe / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Cafe poketto

    To coffee one hand a time of rest and conversing with

    In shop, SL photograph of SL fan and our restaurant shooting is displayed. It is irregular, and live is held.

    Business hours / from 11:00 to 19:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Cafe poketto

    2-1, Kawakami, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-485-2918

    http: //3.plala.or.jp/kissa-poketto/

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • Cafe / oar / Ashoro-cho

    Woody bell

    Bite into big burger!

    Homemade bans and hand using Hokkaido wheat flour keep complaining, and they are glad of patty, plentiful vegetables! Jushi!

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 19:00

    Regular holiday / Monday

    1, Minami-2-jo, Ashoro-cho

    TEL 0156-25-6101

    Reservation / unnecessary