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Sightseeing in Mashu, Akan national park wide area meeting

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  • 739 341 700*37
    Shop / oar / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    Folk handicraft noezorisu

    Accessories and shop of miscellaneous goods which feel warmth of tree

    Wood carving accessories and shop of miscellaneous goods. When thing which shukutsu rinanodemattaku has the same looks for thing only for oneself few?

    Business hours / summer from 8:30 to 22:00
          Winter season from 9:30 to 21:30

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Folk handicraft noezorisu

    4-3-22, Akanchoakankoonsen

    TEL 0154-67-3209

    https://www.facebook.com/ folk handicraft noezorisu -1578185202404135/?fref=ts

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Parking lot / nothing

  • 739 342 703*41
    Shop / oar / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi


    Ainu wooden sculpture accessory which is high sense in a row!

    Space that is high sense displaying special dish that cutting groove arrangement worked in original logo like gallery opens

    Business hours / summer: From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the winter season: From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Regular holiday / Tuesday


    1-4-30, Akanchoakankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    TEL 090-1384-3297


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Possible credit card correspondence (JCB, VISA, Master)

  • 958 054 715
    Shop / oar / Koshimizu-cho

    Road station gorgeous (leaf greens wild flower) Koshimizu

    We sell vegetables and special product of Koshimizu-cho

    Rare road station that was connected directly with JR Hama-Koshimizu Station. We sell quite popular "potato sweet potato" on a qualified scale in the summer.

    Business hours / road station from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (the summer), from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (the winter season)
    Light meal cafe from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Regular holiday / January 1

    Road station gorgeous (leaf greens wild flower) Koshimizu

    474-7, Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido

    TEL 0152-67-7752


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 462 849 695
    Shop / oar / Teshikaga-cho

    Road station Mashu Onsen

    We eat and take a break and are helped with trip

    We have footbathing in Hokkaido jalan road station ranking 5 let alone continuation best 3, vegetables and cake from hometown, too!

    Business hours / from 8:00 to 18:00 (from May to October)
         From 9:00 to 17:00 (from November to April)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    3-5-5, Yunoshima, Teshikaga-cho

    TEL Tel. 015-482-2500

    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 444 880 165
    Shop / oar / Koshimizu-cho

    hogaja Koshimizu Hokuyo factory

    Abundant naoishisanohogaja

    Senbei which was clogged up with alms of Okhotsk tightly abundantly. You can see production work of factory, too.

    Business hours / business hours /AM10:00 - 4:00 p.m.

    Regular holiday / year-end and New Year holidays

    304-1, Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu-cho

    TEL 0152-63-4141

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Parking lot / normal car 30 parking is possible
    There is admission / free of charge stand, restroom

  • 444 595 172
    Shop / oar / Kiyosato-cho

    Come; good point and information interchange facility "kiyo - ru"

    Multipurpose facility where there is product, meal of Kiyosato

    It is next to Kiyosato shochu brewery and can purchase various souvenirs mainly on specialty potato shochu.

    Business hours / summer from 9:00 to 18:00 winter season from 10:00 to 17:00 year round (except the year-end and New Year holidays)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Come; good point and information interchange facility "kiyo - ru"

    62, Hagoromomachi, Kiyosato-cho

    TEL 0152-25-4111


    Reservation / unnecessary

    There is wheelchair-adaptive restroom.

  • 556 182 865*35
    Shop / oar / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    Village "Crane terrace" of road station Akan white crane with a red crest

    New base where we were born in Nature of Akan

    In addition to local special product sale and light meal cafe, it is completely equipped with restroom of correspondence for tourist information center and 24 hours, too. White crane with a red crest goes down in the outskirts in winter, too

    Business hours / from May to September: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from October to April: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    (in the tourist information center from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Village "Crane terrace" of road station Akan white crane with a red crest

    23-36-1, Akanchokamiakan, Kushiro-shi

    TEL 0154-66-2969


    Reservation / unnecessary

    ※"Crane terrace" is located the south of Akanko Onsen by car for approximately 40 minutes.
    ※Various charm that "red beret" of return spa facility and campground, outdoors activities such as park golf courses, coming flying place of winter white crane with a red crest and "Akan international crane center" where it is accumulate around "Crane terrace" on accommodation, day is multi-purpose areas clogged up.

  • 462-328-489
    Shop / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Black cattle F sea S direct sale place of starlit sky

    From the earth of starlit sky to dining table of starlit sky

    Deep taste that taste spreads through to fill the mouth whenever we savor.

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 15:30

    Regular holiday / Monday

    Black cattle F sea S of starlit sky

    Shibecha-cho flourishing endlessly

    TEL 015-485-1938


    Reservation / 015-485-1938

  • 462-177-766
    Shop / oar / Shibecha-cho

    Store specializing in Jingisukan, nozaki

    Delicious! As for this, it is taste of Hokkaido

    Please try Jingisukan which you pickled to secret sauce. Hina skewer is popular, too.

    Business hours / from 9:00 to 11:00

    Regular holiday / Sunday

    Store specializing in Jingisukan, nozaki

    2-6, Kawakami, Shibecha-cho

    TEL 015-485-2777


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 305 278 692
    Shop / oar / Ozora-cho

    Hill of road station Marchen

    Is spread taste; hill of Marchen

    We can taste ingredients which Ozora-cho produced. We have souvenir of special product abundantly.♪

    It is 00 00-18 /9 for / business hours for business hours

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / year-end and New Year holidays (from December 30 to January 5)

    Hill memambetsu of road station Marchen

    96-1, Memanbetsushowa, Ozora-cho

    TEL Tel. 0152-74-6160


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 305 020 490
    Shop / oar / Ozora-cho

    higashimokoto dairy products building

    We take a short break at village of cheese. We take souvenir.

    Natural cheese to make with fresh milk from hometown is exquisite. Camembert cheese software is popular, too.

    It is 30 00-17 /9 for / business hours for business hours

    Regular holiday / regular holiday / from May to October / Monday from November to April / Monday and Tuesday

    higashimokoto dairy products building

    409-1, Higashimokoto, Ozora-cho, Abashiri-gun

    TEL Tel. 0152-66-3953


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 630-264-727
    Shop / oar / Shiranuka-cho

    Do not know road station; or love question

    The spot love question shore where love comes true

    The love question shore overlooking the opening Pacific is limitlessly popular among families. Special product of Shiranuka is prepared to product center love question building.

    Business hours / business hours /5 - August from 9:00 to 19:00
         Make center is 24 hours for from 9:00 to 18:30 for from September to April

    From November to every Wednesday of March on regular holiday on / regular holiday in /4 moon - October without holiday     December 31, from 1 to 2 on January

    40-3, Koitoi, Shiranuka-cho

    TEL Tel. 01547-5-3317 Fax. 01547-5-3331

    Reservation / unnecessary

    Two parking lot / normal car 103 trailer bus four people with a physical disability