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Sightseeing in Mashu, Akan national park wide area meeting

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  • 793 371 355
    Event / green / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    Light in the summer rare Lake Akan marimo

    Light of summer lake ball coloring surface of a lake at night

    We entrust lake with wish in glittering globe which we likened to lake ball. A summer time to be fantastic, and to shine at night to you.

    Business hours / time /19:50 - 20:45
    Period /7 moon from the beginning to the end of August

    Regular holiday / (we may cancel running by weather.)

    NPO corporation Akan tourist association town planning promotion mechanism

    2-6-20, Akanchoakankoonsen

    TEL 0154-67-3200


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Adult 1,500 yen dwarf 1,000 yen

  • 739 371 018
    Event / white / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    ♡ Akan loving festival ICE♡ in Lake Akan ice "is gorgeous in winter"

    Large flower which is whirled up on the lake of zero

    Festival on ice representing winter of Lake Akan! How is fireworks admiration on ice while drinking hot milk?

    Business hours / from February 1 to March 12
    From 19:30 to 20:40

    Regular holiday / nothing

    It is special event space in Lake Akan

    2-6-20, Akanchoakankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    TEL 0154-67-3200


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Cold protection, anti-slip measures are required
    Parking lot nothing

  • 462178462*10
    Event / white / Shibecha-cho

    Moor of SL winter, welcome event (delicious thing market to discover)

    We welcome the only SL service in Hokkaido

    We run on Kushiro moor where SL C11 freezes. On the last day of the service, we hold "delicious thing market to discover" in the Shibecha station square.

    We hold the late January and late February, delicious thing City to discover on the last day of SL service in average year during / SL service period for business hours.

    Regular holiday of regular holiday / business and industry society is Saturdays, Sundays and holidays


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Please confirm SL service schedule, rate, reservation in JR Hokkaido site.
    Inquiry / Shibecha-cho tourist association 015-485-2264 (the Shibecha-cho business and industry society) of delicious thing market to discover