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Sightseeing in Mashu, Akan national park wide area meeting

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  • 866 403 141
    Culture / green / Tsubetsu-cho

    Shige Chan land

    120% of feelings happy in pleasant art object

    Private art museum which work of Shigenari Onishi playing an active part worldwide continues multiplying. We are charmed by bright red building group.

    Business hours / from 10:00 to 17:00 (business period from May to October)
    ※We are opened on Wednesday, May 3 in 2018

    Regular holiday / Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (in the case of holiday, we are opened)

    Shige Chan land

    Tsubetsu-cho character Aioi 256

    TEL 090-5222-8580 (Onishi)


    Reservation / unnecessary

    Parking lot /40 stand

  • 739 341 770*71
    Activity / green / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    Lake Akan fishing

    It is fish fight in magnificent lake

    We can enjoy from fishing pond to full-scale fishing such as fly fishing, boat

    Business hours / from May 1 to November 30               
    Fishing pond, boat fishing, pickup and drop-off to fishing ground
    Service until from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Fishing land Akan 

    4-5-10, Akanchoakankoonsen 

    TEL 0154-67-2057


    Reservation / 0154-67-2057

    Only boat fishing, pickup and drop-off to fishing ground require reservation
    ・Play fishing charges daily 1,100- yen (catch & release please cooperate)                  
    ・Fishing pond one 500+ yen fish rate 100 g 130 yen ...                           
     Fish which only fishing pond was able to catch becomes purchase (there is change to rate by fish class)

  • 739 347 219
    Activity / green / Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi

    Akan River search "river walk"

    We feel forest to be and walk clean flow

    Beating of the earth where begins to breed in sound of water, trees wind and hot spring to shake. We feel overflowing nature to be, and what I did when it is healed?

    It is 30 - 12:00 /9 at / time for business hours
    Period /6 - November

    Regular holiday / (we may cancel tour running by weather.)

    NPO corporation Akan tourist association town planning promotion mechanism

    2-6-20, Akanchoakankoonsen

    TEL 0154-67-3200


    It requires reservation until 17:00 on reservation / day before

    Parking lot /10 stand

  • 444 699 015
    View Point / green / Koshimizu-cho

    Go over lily town, and do not see; "Lilly Park"

    Hill where 7 million lilies are in full glory

    In a little less than 3 times garden of Tokyo Dome, various lilies of the world open like picture.

    Business hours / opening of the park period /7 moon from the beginning to the middle of September
    From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (there is change by flowering state, too.)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Go over lily town, and do not see; Lilly Park

    Koshimizu-cho character 643-2, Koshimizu

    TEL 0152-62-2903

    Reservation / unnecessary

    136 parking lot / normal cars, large car 20 parking are possible
    Admission charges / 500 yen for adults (more than junior high student)
        Group 400 yen (more than 15 people)
    There is paid cart, stand, restroom.

  • 958 080 632
    View Point / green / Koshimizu-cho

    Abashiri Seminational Park Koshimizu abiogenesis flower garden

    To the world of natural field of flowers

    Including ezosukashiyuri ezokisuge sweetbrier, approximately 200 kinds of flowers are in full glory from June through August.

    Business hours / opening period /4 moon from 25th to October 31
    From May to September (from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
    October (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Koshimizu abiogenesis flower garden information center Hana

    Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu-cho

    TEL 0152-63-4187

    Reservation / unnecessary

    100 parking lot / normal cars, large car 17 parking are possible
    There is admission charges / free of charge light meal corner, stand, restroom.

  • 462 850 125
    Activity / green / Teshikaga-cho

    Kushiro River source canoe tour (in the summer)

    Would you you like to come to meet water and fairy of forest?

    From canoe glance, the world of healing spreads out when we pass through ... nagamekokyo from Lake Kusshiyaro to Kushiro River

    Business hours / from May to October

    Regular holiday / nothing

    1-5-1, Chuo, Teshikaga-cho

    TEL Tel. 015-483-2101

    Reservation / tourism teshikaga 015-483-2101

  • Activity / green / Teshikaga-cho

    Watanabe experience ranch

    Let's enjoy contact and prairie with beef

    Of "definitely Hokkaido ..." beef mention gentleness, and know thanks, and is ranch sensing taste bodily

    Business hours / the end of April and the end of October from 9:30 to 15:30 

    Regular holiday / no fixed holiday

    Watanabe experience ranch

    646-4, Harano, Teshikagacho

    TEL 015-482-5184


    Reservation / unnecessary

    In the interval, it requires reservation in the winter season

  • Sweets / green / Koshimizu-cho

    Potato sweet potato

    Saturday and Sunday limited sale from June through November

    Sweets that dough and custard cream of potato of Koshimizu-cho, Kita Akari and use of make in 100% became two levels of popularity

    Business hours / Saturday and Sunday limited sale from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from June through November ※It is finished as soon as it is sold out

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Road station gorgeous Koshimizu

    474-7, Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu-cho

    TEL 0152-67-7752


    Reservation / unnecessary

  • 638 447 828
    View Point / green / Koshimizu-cho

    Koshimizu Heights highland 725, Koshimizu

    The world of vast panorama of view 300 degrees

    Fine-view rest house which is located to eighth stage, 725m above sea level of Mt. Mokoto of 1,000m above sea level. We can overlook Lake Shiretoko peninsula, Kusshiyaro.

    Business hours / opening period /5 moon from 1st to October 31
    May, September (from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
    From June to August (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
    October (from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    Highland 725, Koshimizu

    1, Mokotoyama, Koshimizu-cho

    TEL 090-3119-6080

    Reservation / unnecessary

    36 parking lot / normal cars, large car seven parking are possible
    There is admission charges / free of charge light meal corner, stand, restroom.

  • 185 109 408*27
    Activity / green / Tsubetsu-cho

    Forest campground of the 21st century

    Campground which is next to Tsubetsu-cho city area

    Fantastic scene which is seen only for a while which firefly dances in from mid-July through mid-August in brook flowing through the site side

    Business hours / from May 1 to October 31
    ※It may be mixed up by conditions such as weather.

    Regular holiday / from November 1 to April 30

    Forest campground of the 21st century

    Tsubetsu-cho character 127, Kyowa  

    TEL 0152-76-1737


    Reservation / unnecessary

    30 parking lots have a lot, and please confirm the government office homepage mentioned above.

  • 561 166 781*48
    View Point / green / Tsubetsu-cho

    Mysterious lake chimikeppu lake

    Small lake of neighborhood 7.5km that forest deep kuni of the beginning nestles. It is famous spot of colored leaves in camping, autumn in summer.

    It is said to be lake where valley is dammed up in meaning to be called "place that we tear cliff, and water flows" through by Ainu in chimikeppu approximately 10,000 years ago, and there was.

    Business hours /

    Regular holiday / nothing

    chimikeppu lake

    Tsubetsu-cho character Numazawa



    Reservation / unnecessary

    For more details, please confirm the homepage mentioned above.
    Inquiry: Tsubetsu tourist association TEL: 0152-77-3771

  • View Point / green / Tsubetsu-cho

    Quercus crispula, the best

    It is huge tree which should say with "tree notsubetsunogo sacred tree" standing in Doyuurin of best district.

    [estimated 1,200 years years old] Trunk circumference approximately 6m, height of the tree approximately 18m.

    Business hours / late June and late October (until it begins to snow)

    Regular holiday / nothing

    The Tsubetsu-cho character best



    Reservation / unnecessary

    For more details, please confirm the homepage mentioned above. There is year when it begins to snow at the end of October. Inquiry: Tsubetsu tourist association TEL: 0152-77-3771